Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TAT - Things I Actually Say

I'm joining up with Melissa over at Growing Up Geeky for this week's Toddle Along Tuesday.  Today's topic is "Things I Actually Say".  In no particular order:

  • Who pooped?
  • JS, where'd you hide my phone?
  • Code Brown!  
  • No, don't bite my toe.
  • Don't stick your finger in your nose/ear/belly button.
  • Leave your brother's belly button alone.
  • Don't pull daddy's chest hair.
Never a dull moment with two toddlers.

Jumping back in

It's been several months since I last blogged.  Family, work, LIFE...they just all got in the way.  I started this blog as a way to document our life together.  I still want to do that.  Some things have happened recently that have caused me to "wake up" and realize that I don't want to forget anything about my life, my life with Honey Bee or the lives of my baby bees.  Life's just too short.

What's new at the beehive?  Well, Princess Bee is now 7.  We had her "Sweet Shoppe" birthday party just this past weekend at the local park.  There was cake, ice cream, and a candy bar for all the guests.  The candy bar had old time candy -- wax bottles, thin sticks, whirly suckers, cotton candy, gumballs.  It was a big hit!

The little bees are doing well.  They are 18 months old and into everything.  Chunky Bee is around 23 pounds and is on the go.  He's walking everywhere (he can even walk backwards!).  He has 2 teeth and is working hard on several more.  He isn't a big talker, but says "da-da", "hey", "uh-oh" and "tank tank" (thank you) on a regular basis.  No "momma" yet, but it's not for a lack of trying on my part.

Itty Bitty isn't so itty bitty any more.  He's around 21 pounds.  It's amazing to compare pictures from this time last year to now.  I sometimes forget how small he really was.  He's crawling everywhere, pulling up and cruising along furniture and starting to stand independently for longer periods of time.  His PT thinks he will be walking very soon!  He's my talker -- he babbles nonstop.  And shrieks.  Very loudly!  He can say "da-da", "bye bye" and "uh-oh".

Something that we started doing with both boys was simple sign language.  Since they are at risk for being delayed and because boys generally talk later than girls, we thought it would be good to help them communicate without words.  Chunky uses more signs than Itty Bitty, but we consistently use "more", "please", "thank you", and "bath" with them.  It's one of the cutest things you'll ever see.    If you're interested in sign language for your little one, check out Baby Sign Language.

More to come. Soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogging is hard!

Blogging regular is hard.  I usually use my down time at work to read blogs, catch up on message boards or research our newest "preemie" issue.  Lately I haven't had much downtime.

So what's new with  me and the beehive?

  • Itty Bitty's g-tube may be the best thing ever.  He's gained 4 pounds in 6 weeks.  That's 1/4 of his total week since the tube was placed.
  • Chunky is on the move.  Crawling everywhere!  He's also become quite the momma's boy.  If he's awake when I leave for work, he cries.  But the upside of this is that when I open the door after work, he crawls at warp speed to get to me :)
  • Honey Bee did quite well his first semester in RT school.  Only 4 more semesters and then he can get to work.  Have I mentioned that he's already been  offered a job in the bees' NICU?  Pretty awesome, right?
  • The beehive had a great Christmas.  All three of the bees racked up on gifts.  We are blessed to have family that loves to spoil our kids.  I'm sure it may be a curse in coming years.
  • I've stopped pumping - WOO HOO!!!  Chunky has been on 100% formula for several months and is thriving.  We've recently discovered that Itty Bitty has milk protein sensitivity.  For me to continue pumping, I would have had to make some major changes to my diet.  I decided that for my sanity, I would stop pumping after 9.5 months.  I fee quite accomplished for making it that long.
  • I'm participating in a 366 Challenge.  It's Day 17 and I've missed only 1 day so far.  Lots of pics to come :)
There's lots more to share, but that's just a quick update.  I'm not going to promise to get better at blogging, but I'm going to give it my best shot.