About the Beehive

Hi!  Welcome to my beehive.  I'm Bridgit, the Queen Bee of my house.  I'm married to Scott, who shall be known as Honey Bee.  We have three little bees, a daughter and twin boys. 

About me....I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, iPhone addict, reality TV junkie.  I love the beach, the water, my family, my job (most of the time), my friends - real life friends and internet friends that I'll probably never meet.  I enjoy long baths, a good glass of wine & salty margaritas. 

Honey Bee and I met in November of 2005 through mutual friends.  Purely random. At a bar.  Aren't you jealous?  We hit it off immediately.  Dated for a few months.  Stopped dating for about 6 months.  I agreed to go out with him one more time, and well the rest is history.  Honey Bee asked me to marry him in June of 2007 and we were married on March 8, 2008. 

Honey Bee is currently in school.  Before the boys were born, he decided to make a career change due to the dwindling economy.  He knew he wanted to enter the health field, but what unsure of what area.  Right now he is studying respiratory therapy.  After spending so much time in the NICU and seeing what the RTs did for our Itty-Bitty Bee, he knew where he was meant to be. 

The Princess Bee is 6 years old and working on being the best big sister possible.  Princess Bee is my (step)daughter.  She's the sweetest, smartest and prettiest little girl you'll ever meet. 

My Baby Bees were born on March 13, 2011.  They were born at 29 weeks, 6 days gestation.  For more details of their birth and NICU stay, visit my BEElieve in Miracles page.  The boys are known as Chunky Bee and Itty-Bitty Bee.

I began blogging during our TTC journey. The Birds and The Bees page has more info on our TTC journey.  I knew that Honey Bee was tired of hearing about ovulation, cervical mucus, fertility treatments, etc, so I began blogging to get my thoughts and feelings out.  I blogged anynomously at that time. 

I've taken a break from blogging since the boys were born.  In the beginning, I was too scared to document everything for fear of one of them not making it.  Then, life became crazy with two babies.  While life is still crazy, I want to remember every detail of their life.  I have a traditional baby book for each of them, but that's really not my style. 

My hope is to use the blog to document the day to day events of our little beehive.