The Birds and the Bees

Growing up you always hear about "the birds and the bees".  When you get "the talk", you're led to believe that conceiving a child is as easy as having unprotected sex.  In the traditional way I grew up, my parents taught me that it should go like this:

Girl meets Boy.
They fall in love.
They get married.
Have babies.

Oh if only life were that easy and straight-forward.

Honey Bee and I met.  We fell in love (me before him).  Got married in March 2008, and I stopped birth control in July 2009.  I thought for sure I'd be pregnant within 6 months.  No woman in my family had ever had trouble conceiving, so why would I?

After stopping birth control, I bought "the bible" for ladies trying to conceive.  I read it, I highlighted it, I showed Honey Bee the pictures of cervical mucus, cervical position, etc.  He was such a good sport.  I started charting and temping.  Then, I got my period on cycle day 15.  I knew that it could take a while for my body to regulate after birth control, so I didn't think anything of it.  Then after 18 more days, I got my period again.  Yep, twice in a month's time.  Lucky me, right?  After having 8 cycles in 4 months time, I figured it was time to go see my OB.  (I had been on birth control since I was 14 for ovarian cysts, so I just felt like there was something else going on.)

Given my history and age, my OB decided to refer me and Honey Bee to his in house Infertility Department.  After all the initial tests, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  I didn't have all the classic symptoms, but my OB was convinced that was my problem.  Honey Bee was tested and everything was "normal" for him.

Since it was clear that I wasn't ovulating, I began with Clomid.  Holy crap!  Can I just say that I HATE, HATE, HATE Clomid.  As does Honey Bee.  It's crazy that one little pill can make a grown woman so crazy, moody and mean.  Not to mention the hot flashes.  After 5 months of Clomid treatments and HcG trigger shots, I still wasn't pregnant and Honey Bee and I decided to move away from my OB's office and went to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).

Oh how I love my RE, his office and the entire staff!  They were all so wonderful the first visit and every other time we visited.  Our first visit at the end of June 2010.  After meeting with our RE, we decided we would begin injectable meds and IUIs the next month.  We had our first IUI cycle in July of 2010 and it didn't work.  After lots of tears, we started our next IUI cycle the very next month.  Our 2nd IUI cycle was the one that worked.

I got my BFP on a HPT on September 8, 2010.  Bloodwork confirmed that I was pregnant on September 9th.  We had our first ultrasound on September 23, 2010 and found out we were having twins.  Then on December 23, 2010 we found out that Chunky Bee and Itty Bitty Bee were both boys.