Friday, September 16, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

Even though the baby bees are six months old, they are "technically" not even four months old yet.  I feel as if I've had 2 newborns forever.  Here are some items that have been extra helpful during this stage of the bees' life:

Medicine Dispenser - I LOVE this thing.  Itty Bitty Bee has medicines to take daily for his pulmonary hypertension and BPD.  He's not a great eater, so I can't count on putting the medicine in his bottle either.  Honey Bee and I use this dispenser at the beginning of Itty Bitty's feedings to ensure that he gets all of the medicine.  

Boppy - I've been home with both baby bees and their feeding times have overlapped.  It's so easy to prop both baby bees up and feed both of them at the same time.  In addition, Itty Bitty loves being propped up just to look around.  Chunky Bee used to like that, but now that he's rolling over he's apparently too big for it.

Fisher Price Bathtub - The baby bees LOVE bath time!  Love it!  This bathtub has legs that attach and it sits right on top of the kitchen sink.  This has come in quite handy since starting purees with the bees.  Feed one and move straight to the tub.  I particularly love the mesh sling.  It attaches (and detaches) easily.  Itty Bitty still needs the sling, but Chunky Bee is too big for it.  Even though he can't use the sling, there is a ledge that helps support him and keep his head out of the water.  

There you have it.  I'm not sure Honey Bee and I would make it without these items.  I'm looking forward to featuring more items as the baby bees grow.

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