Friday, September 23, 2011

One year ago

Today marks one year.  One year of buying two of everything.  One year of thinking about two cars in 16 years.  One year of thinking about 2 college educations in 18 years.  One year of thinking about two little ones in diapers.  One year of thinking about double the hugs and kisses.

When you work with a fertility specialist you know the chances of having multiples is there, but you think "It won't be us."  I remember crying after my last monitoring appointment with my RE because I had only 1 mature follicle and one other that "may catch up".  Little did I know those tears were wasted.

My bloodwork at 12 days past my IUI showed relatively high beta HCG levels.  I went to betabase and compared my numbers to the average woman.  I knew it looked like multiples were possible, but I still didn't think it was really going to happen.  Then the night before my first ultrasound I had a dream that the RE saw 2 heartbeats.  I didn't think about it that morning while getting ready, but waiting in the exam room I told Honey Bee "I think it's twins."  He kind of blew me off and then the ultrasound tech walked in.  End of discussion.  Sure enough, two heartbeats showed up immediately.  Two sacs, each with a little flickering grain of rice.  It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Dont' you agree that it's beautiful?  How did those two little grains of rice grow into my little bees?  How did something so small grow into 6 month old babies?  If you think those little grains of rice are cute, check out what they've become since then

Aren't my bees cute?


  1. I love this. It's making my hormones kick up again. I'm excited to be able to make this same post myself in April, when we hit our "the day we found out it was twins" anniversary :)

  2. Congratulation on your beautiful twins.

    ICLW #14

  3. Hello from ICLW week!

    what cuters you have! those of us that haven't made it to where you are yet need stories like yours to keep that flame of hope alive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy ICLW!

    Oh the boys are really cute!

    And your intuition was so correct! Many blessings to the twins and their elder sis.

    iclw #39

  5. They are absolutely adorable! Definitely worth it! :-)
    Life in the White House

  6. They are very beautiful!!!

    Happy ICLW!!!